Push Print Studio / new collection + blog

I've been thinking about a push print studio blog for a while now, and this year is the year.
I can't wait to share more scrapbook layouts, inspiration and moodboards for collections! Here's the link, go check it out, if you want to :)

Also just launched the W–17 collection, here's a link to that.

16 memories in 2016

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from 2016, so here they are.

1. Finally launching Push Print Studio.  2. Hiking Mt. Saint Helens, if it weren't for my good friend Rachel I'd probably never had done this. She knew we could make it to the top and we did! 3. My boyfriends new job. So proud of my man for going after what he wants and working hard. 4. Pottery class, I'd always wanted to learn how to throw and use a pottery wheel and now I can, sort of. Though I am not the best at it, it's still fun to learn a new skill and keep working at it. 5. Designer Vaca Palm Springs. I'm a little introverted, so this was a fun chance to hang out with old and new friends under the desert sun. 6. The Nutcracker. I have always wanted to see the nutcracker and had the best time experiencing it with our good friends Trista and Peter. Thanks for making this happen Trista! 7. The Used. One of my favorite bands from middle school, thanks to my friend Marisol for making this one of the best nights. I'd always wanted to see them live and finally got to during their anniversary tour. 8. Ellie Goulding with the girls. Had a blast. 9. Girls Camping trip to ancient lakes. And hiking around to see the views. Way too much fun. 10. Car camping with my man at Diablo lake. 11. Getting my teeth implants. This was something I'd wanted to do for the past 10 years. I was born without two teeth right in the front of my smile, so dealing with a temporary bridge has been the most annoying thing for a long time now. I finally decided to get implants and it was probably one of the best decisions I made this year. 12. Little Big Show / Santigold such a good show at the Neptune. Thanks Rachel! 13. Mission Ridge Ski trip! 14. Seattle staycation, mariners game, taylor shellfish, day drives, and water taxi rides. 15. My birthday / pumpkin decorating slumber party / biggest storm ever / vidot. 16. Exploring Vancouver with Jordan. We had so much fun!

Push Print Studio / freebie

Hey guys, I was scrapbooking and wanted to document my vote, thought I'd share these little cards I created for my layout.

Either right click to save image or drag it to your desktop, then just print at "scale to fit" enjoy!


things I've been thinking about lately...

So I haven't posted here in a pretty long time and I'd like to get back into posting and sharing in this space. I work full time and run a small online shop and at the end of the day sharing diy projects or posting to a blog was just less important to me than say cooking dinner, or going for a run, happy hour with friends, or lets be honest watching bachelor in paradise. Basically what I'm trying to say is I like this little blog and I miss it, but it really does fall to the bottom of my list most days. I like the idea of slow blogging, and maybe just jumping on here to share an update or two, my favorite trends and share some of my design work. That's really why I started this in the first place, to share design work and at some point I got really into diy projects and sharing them, but I'm just not super into doing that anymore. Of course I still love diy projects but I enjoy them more when I am just doing them for me and not tracking it step by step and trying to get good photos to share later, it just made it less fun, ya know? Anyways I'm going to stop blabbing and thought I'd share an update of things lately.

Loving / Class Pass and trying new workouts at new gyms. If you want to try class pass here's $20 off your first month!

Trying / new recipes from the cookbooks that have been collecting dust in the kitchen.

Exploring / different illustration styles and learning what works for me.

Feeling / excited for the change of seasons and cooler weather

Craving / something sweet after giving up sugar for the past month.

Enjoying / these pnw overcast and rainy day vibes

Wearing / this super soft sweater from target.

Looking / forward to tuesday pottery class starting back up!

Watching / youtube – I love vlogs!

Listening / to the Pardon my French postcast, by Garance Doré.

Working / on the fall collection for Push Print Studio

Crafting / away and catching up on my project life album, months behind, what's new.

Finding / my personal style and being picky in what I buy.


Push Print Studio / Design Love Fest

Hey there! I know it's been forever since I've jumped on here for an update. But I wanted to quickly let you know there are some Push Print Studio designs available over at design love fest's "dress your tech" today! Also I just launched the push print studio spring collection (my second collection ever) so here's a little spring freebie for you! Just use code: SPR16! at checkout to get your free download! Happy Thursday :)

If you don't know what push print studio is, it's printable paper goods for pocket style memory keeping, card making, or any kind of paper crafting! Learn more here!

Designer Vaca / Palm Springs / Ace Hotel

I'd go back. Ace Hotel + Palm Springs + rad designer ladies just like me. Yes please. What made this event so great was that there were no back to back speakers, no dressing up, no business cards in your face, just good poolside conversations about what we do and love, design. 

This video from 2014 by Ellay Films sums it up pretty nicely.

There was an opening night dance party to kick off the 3 day Designer Vaca, where Promise and Alyssa (the founders of the event) reminded everyone to "leave our egos at the door" and to just have fun! 

photo on the left: opening dance party, complete with balloons. on the right, a pic my friend snapped of me taking photos of everything everywhere. 

the room was great, good smelling shampoo, comfy beds,  and the decor had a fun hipster vibe which I loved! 

Everything will be ok.

on the left: super cute temporary tats from Tattly, on the right: poolside design chats. 

On the last day there was a pretty great q+a with Jessica Hische who answered a lot of questions on the topic of being a mom and juggling design work, which I'm not in that stage of life yet, but was still cool to hear how she approaches the new busy schedule and manages time with clients. 

We had a few hours to spare before flying back to Seattle, so we waked around downtown to check out all the cool mid-century modern furniture shops. Then stopped in at the Moorten Botanical Gardens. 

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